I Do Not Need SEO

“I don’t need SEO!”

More often than not, when people refuse to accept new things, they will think of thousands of excuses for themselves. While you go through this list, you don’t laugh at yourself that you might once say this before!

My customers are the older folks; they don’t look for us through the Internet.

Understand your target customers is good. But think clearer, won’t they ever use the Internet to look for products and services? Ask yourself: What about your overseas customers? How will they look for you? Your customers don’t employ Internet savvy staff? How do your customers reach you? By word of mouth? How long is that going to take to expand your customer base? Why are the traditional media steadily losing reach if people do not migrate to the Internet for information? Have you tried advertising and reaching your customers on the Internet? What about using the Internet to reach out to potential customers who may use the Internet?

After this, I believe you have the answers.

Internet is Not Effective

This is not true! When you use the e-mail, check football scores on the Internet, you are already a participant. How do you account for the explosive growth of the Internet in terms of money spent and usage? Then why are governments racing to enable Internet usage? Even Malaysia has launched MYEG. Why are there so many websites in the Internet? It is how you use it to benefit your company. What are the fair measurements for the Internet? Management of expectations. Hype versus reality. Internet is an integral part of the marketing and media mix. That’s undeniable.

My Company is Very New

Congratulations! This is the time your company needs Search Engine Optimization badly. Make a comparison between SEO and traditional media.  Where else do you get this kind of cost effectiveness in terms of reach, usage and exposure?

I Have Already Invested in Other Business Directory / Portal

Audit these portals. Better get out now earlier if it is non performing to your expectation and waste a little money than hope because reach, usage and exposure cannot compare to Search Engine Optimization.

Many Enquires are Coming In but I Do Not have Enough manpower / Resources to Handle

That’s not a problem but very good results. It justifies your business to increase more resources to handle the enquiries.

My company is already Well Known. Everybody Knows Me. Why Do I need to Advertise?

Yes, so do thousands of other well-known companies. In fact well-known companies advertise more to stay well known. Don’t kid yourself, they know your competitors too and they will buy from your competitors if there is a better deal.  But sustained advertising is an expensive exercise. That’s why you need to search out newer and more cost effective media like the Internet.

We only do Local Market. Search Engine Optimization is only Relevant for Overseas

Search Engine Optimization serves a dual purpose; both local and overseas audience.

That’s why we have a state and sub-state feature.

I’m the Appointed Agent / Sole Distributor, Customers have to Come to Me

Don’t you want to represent more product lines? Or appoint more distributors etc. Or find new source of suppliers? Search Engine Optimization is therefore not only about generating more sales.

My Business is Overloaded. I don’t Need More Customers

This is indeed shocking me! You mean do not need more clients, local and overseas? Say if your targeted customers are Malaysian Chinese and you are ready to let go 27,000,000 (Malaysian population) x 24% (percentage of Malaysian Chinese) = 4,480, 000 potential customers?

No matter how, you business really need SEO. Don't doubt anymore! The later you commit to SEO, the more backward you are compared to your competitor who does it!


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